Community Building Podcast

Ep. 6 - 10 Questions about Facilitation - Interview with Eve Berry (Part 2)

April 15, 2022

Questions covered: 

1. How does community building facilitation differ from group facilitation in other settings? 

2. In the community building process, there are typically two co-facilitators.  Why are facilitators needed for the process?  

3.  What do you do as a community building facilitator?  

4.  I’ve been in community building workshops with two facilitators and sometimes there are three.  Why is that? 

5. How are community building facilitators trained?

6. How many CBW experiences does one need before entering facilitator training?

7. What kind of advance preparation is needed before facilitating a community building workshop? 

8. What are the most challenging aspects of doing community building facilitation? 


9. What are some of the misconceptions about community building facilitation? 


10. What are some indispensable qualities, traits or virtues for being a good facilitator?

+1: Can you give any updates about the publishing of your book? 

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